Bradford is proud to support the Rhode Island-based non-profit Amenity Aid.  Amenity Aid collects, purchases, and distributes personal care products such as soap, feminine care, shampoo, and toothbrushes to help individuals and families most in need throughout Rhode Island.

Many housing services struggle year round to obtain enough personal care products to meet their clients' needs. When hygiene products are out of stock, individuals and families seeking assistance forgo toiletries that are essential to good health and wellness. Amenity Aid was founded in 2013 donating approximately 3,000 products. They have grown rapidly and now donate over 50,000 products a year to over 9 organizations focused on the homeless, victims of violence, and at-risk, low-income residents.

In 2015, the founder of Amenity Aid, Liz Duggan, reached out to Bradford – and we have been supporting the organization with bar soap and other personal care donations ever since!

For more information about Amenity Aid visit