Days for Girls

Bradford recently donated 1,000 bars of soap to the "Days for Girls" project. Also known as "DFG", Days Days for Girls  for Girls is a grassroots non-profit organization whose mission is to help girls around the world become equal participants in society by providing basic needs as well as education.

A large bar of soap was included in each feminine hygiene kit that DFG shipped to girls orphanages in rural Kenya. This particular DFG project was part of a broader outreach known as The Kenyan Healthcare Initiatives. Their mission is "to alleviate human suffering by bringing improved health care and clean water to those in need - one village at a time"

We received a heartfelt thank you:

"Just wonderful. Our girls and women will be smiling. From the feedback DFG gets, you often read they wish they had large bars of soap. A bar of soap helps to  change the lives of people. A bar of soap is hygiene, health, and dignity. Thank you everyone."  - MaryAnn 

It is inspiring to think that what we do every day at Bradford can positively impact the lives of others around the world.

For more information about Days for Girls, visit their website at