World Vision

In many third world countries people suffer and die from diseases related to poor sanitation. World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to addressing the causes of poverty, has recognized proper hand washingWorld Vision Supplies as one of the best preventive measures. World Vision reported:

Proper hand washing can reduce diarrhea-related deaths by almost 50% and deaths from accute respitory infections among children by 25%.

Each year Bradford donates approximately 8 shipping containers of bar soap to World Vision. The soap is sent worldwide to regions that are in desperate need of access to hygiene and sanitation.

Bradford also worked with World Vision this year to ship 8,000 bars of soap to help the victims of Hurricane Florence, 8,800 bars for victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and another 15,000 bars of soap to victims of Hurricane's Irma and Maria.

“Soap and other hygiene materials are first response items, so this will be both in great demand and greatly appreciated,” said Jim Fischerkeller, the corporate engagement director for World Vision's U.S. arm.

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