World Vision

In many third world countries people suffer and die from diseases related to poor sanitation. World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to addressing the causes of poverty, has recognized proper hand washingWorld Vision Supplies as one of the best preventive measures. World Vision reported:

Proper hand washing can reduce diarrhea-related deaths by almost 50% and deaths from accute respitory infections among children by 25%.

Each year Bradford donates dozens of pallets of bar soap to World Vision. Melissa Conrnejo, World Vision Health Sector Team Leader, recently met with Chris Buckley and Dot Sampaio to present Bradford with a plaque expressing their gratitude.

Thanks to the generosity of Bradford, thousands in Zambia have plenty of new soap. Orphans and other vulnerable children can practice good hygiene to stay healthy, and caregivers can better help their clients avoid further infections. World Vision is thankful for corporate partners like Bradford that are essential to our work.

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