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Posted March 2020

Ease-of-Use and Results!

If there is a universal truth in the men’s market, it is that men are looking for ease-of-use and results. And when it comes to results, today’s men expect products to offer multiple benefits. According to Mintel, “men aged 18-54 significantly over-index in interest in multi-purpose products.”*

Bradford’s 4-in-1 bar is a perfect solution to men’s busy schedules. It works well for the gym, travel, and as an easy and effective daily regimen. Although most multi-purpose products on the market today are body washes, Mintel observes that “there may be an opportunity for companies and brands to launch more multi-purpose bar soaps so that men can use those products for washing their hair and face.”*

Premium Formulation

Our 4-in-1 formulation includes several conditioning agents that work extremely well on both hair and skin. Our bar has a low pH of 5.5 – so it works well with sensitive skin.  One of the best attributes of our 4-in-1 bar is the excellent lather and soft after-feel. It easily rinses off, leaving hair and skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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