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Posted May 2015

Bradford has developed a new soap base that prominently features one of the oldest, most efficacious beauty ingredients of all time – Olive Oil. Cleopatra used this all-natural, indulgent oil to achieve shiny hair and soft skin.

Olive Oil is a light-weight moisturizer full of antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids. According to Mintel, over 70 soap products using Olive Oil for its beneficial properties were launched in the US in the past year. Olive Oil is an alternative to Palm Oil for a sustainable product story, and it can be identified as a natural or an organic ingredient.

The Bradford Advantage

Bradford’s vertical integration in both soap bases and finished bars allows us to include Olive Oil in concentrations of up to 60%. Most bar soap manufacturers buy soap base from other sources, which limits the amount of Olive Oil that can be added to the bar to 5% of the formulation – any more than that and the soap will become too soft. Because Bradford makes its own soap bases, the Olive Oil is saponified directly into the soap noodles to create our EcoEx™ Olive Oil soap base. This process gives us complete flexibility as to how much Olive Oil to add to the product.

Bradford’s EcoEx™ Olive Oil Base is rich, creamy and moisturizing with a smooth lather. Our R&D and marketing teams can recommend additional additives to further customize this already ultra-moisturizing base into a unique bar soap for your brand.

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