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Posted September 2015

Bar soap has a long history – it dates back thousands of years! But over the past few decades, bar soap has changed a lot. Today it’s a multi-benefit skin care product that consumers find economical, environmentally-friendly and an essential part of their family’s cleansing routine.

Some Market Data:

• According to Nielsen, US bar soap sales are approximately $1.6 billion.

• There are 1.9 billion bars sold every year in the US – which is more than double the number of body wash bottles!

• New brands and line extensions are hitting the market all the time. In 2014 alone, Mintel counted 152 new bar soap launches.

• Although US consumers use a variety of personal cleansing products, over 63% of consumers surveyed by Mintel stated that they purchase bar soap for their household.

Financial and Environmental Benefits

There is no arguing that bar soap lasts much longer than liquid soap. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology conducted an experiment in which it determined that, during a typical visit to the sink, consumers use almost 7 times more liquid soap than bar soap. Clearly, this makes bar soap very cost effective!

The environmental benefits of bar soap come in two forms: formulation and packaging.


Water conservation is a very important global issue due to the severe droughts plaguing states like California and the limited availability of clean water in many countries. Bar soap is a solid product that contains only a few percent water, whereas many body wash formulations contain over 80% water.

Bradford works with suppliers to actively seek out environmentally-friendly and sustainably-sourced ingredients. For example, we use Rainforest Alliance™ certified palm oil and Fair Trade additives in as many of our formulations as possible.


The plastic bottles used to package body wash often end up in landfills or floating in our waterways and oceans. So – even if those plastic bottles are made from recycled material, they can still be a blight on the environment.

Bradford works with suppliers to seek out environmentally-friendly and recycled packaging options. For example, film that is made from plant-based material as opposed to a petrochemical.

When it comes to the world of bar soap, there is no equal to Bradford. For more information, please contact us at info@bradfordsoap.com.