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Posted March 2020

Bradford has developed DermCare™ Ultra,  a sulfate-free synthetic base formulation with luxurious lather and extra-moisturization.

Sulfate-free products are on the rise and Bradford’s new DermCare™ Ultra base formulation is a superior product that meets that market need.

Sulfates are added to create the very coveted foamy lather. Consumers with sensitive skin tend to prefer sulfate-free formulations because they are less irritating. The sulfate-free claim was once limited to the niche natural health and beauty stores, but in recent years has found its way into mass retail.

Bradford’s Ultra Base

Our DermCare™ Ultra base has excellent foaming properties. It is a mild cleanser that rinses easily leaving skin soft and smooth. Products made with the DermCare™ Ultra base can claim sulfate-free on the pack.

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