Bradford Soap Works Receives Prestigious Business Excellence Award RSS

Posted October 2017

West Warwick, RI (October 9, 2017) -- Bradford Soap Works is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Providence Business News 2017 Business Excellence Award in the Large Company category. Founded on a platform of ‘Innovation through Experience’, this 140+ year-old company is the world’s leading manufacturer of solid cleansing products including specialty bar soaps and shower poufs.  The company’s headquarters are located in an historic mill building along the Pawtuxet River in West Warwick, Rhode Island and it has facilities in Indiana, California as well as a strategic partnership with a facility in Mexicali, Mexico.
Stuart R. Benton, Bradford’s President & CEO said, “We are honored to have been recognized by the Providence Business News with this prestigious award.”  He continued, “We have pride in our heritage and in our longevity. Many companies can be innovative over a short period of time, however we have survived more than 140 years.   We attribute our continued success to innovation, our excellent work force, and our ability to pivot through industry changes and economic downturns.” 
Mark Murphy, Editor of Providence Business News, remarked, “Success in the marketplace depends on offering a product or service that stands out. That is especially true in manufacturing, whether it's making computer chips, automobiles or soap.
“What could be more easily commoditized than bars of soap, a reality that 140-year-old Bradford Soap Works has known throughout its 140-year history and fought with a consistent focus on innovation.
“The most recent example of how Bradford has innovated its way forward is a move to grow its specialty soap channel and de-emphasize its bulk and hotel business. The result in the past five years has been increases in margins across the enterprise as well as the capture of 43 percent of the U.S. specialty bar soap market in the U.S. It is a record of success that made Bradford Soap Works being honored for General Excellence at a large company a simple one.”
PBN’s Business Excellence Awards is their longest running award program and was originally designed to honor the state’s leading companies and individuals. The first one started back in 2001 with just three categories. Seventeen years later, it has become PBN’s Premier Awards Event recognizing leadership and general excellence at private and public companies and nonprofit organizations. Each year, PBN receives record number of applications from a wide variety of industries and after a judging process winners are selected and honored at an awards dinner and ceremony on November 8, 2017.
With a legacy of innovative formulations, patents and industry firsts, Bradford co-developed many of the leading personal care brands that are available on the market today. Bradford has helped to shape the soap industry in America and abroad, and the company produces some of the world’s leading cleansing brands such as Dove for Unilever and Cetaphil for Galderma.
Bradford is an innovative global resource for solid cleansing products. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bar soap and shower poufs. Bradford’s in-house market research department and broad customer base give us a unique, real-time understanding of industry trends. We offer turn-key solutions that include formulation, packaging, display and design services. Bradford’s state-of-the-art development laboratories provide custom product development and testing services. 
Headquartered in Rhode Island, Bradford also has facilities in Indiana, California as well as a strategic partnership with a facility in Mexicali, Mexico.