Where They're Made

Bradford Soap Works Locations 

Rhode Island

In addition to housing our corporate headquarters, our Rhode Island facility offers extensive custom-manufacturing capabilities, including:

  • Fully-integrated natural soap base making
  • Fully-integrated syndet base making
  • Fully-integrated traditional glycerin soap making
  • Customized bar soap formulation capabilites
  • Numerous bar soap extruding and pressing lines
  • Extensive packaging options
  • First-rate quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Extensive R&D and new product development


Our Indiana facility excels at high volume production runs. It has the following capabilities:

  • High-speed bar soap pressing lines
  • High-speed bar soap packaging options
  • First-rate quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Prototyping capabilities  


Our California facility is a US-based warehouse supporting our partnership Maquiladora operation, which is located just over the Mexican border. The warehouse specializes in:

  • Just in-time management of materials and finished goods
  • Coordination of Bradford-owned trucks that transport merchandise/materials to and from Mexico
  • Logicstics management with external trucking companies for merchandise pick-up

Mexico - Partnership Facility

Our Mexico partnership facility is a Maquiladora. It has special status that allows us to ship materials from the US duty free and to take advantage of the low cost of labor in Mexico, similar to a duty free zone. Our pouf sponges are manufactured in this vertically-integrated facility, where we make everything from the netting to the finished product.

In addition, we can offer a variety of turn-key services , including gift-set assembly, hand-wrapping and decoration of finished goods.