Through the Committed-to-Clean™ initiative, Bradford  significantly reduced material waste: 

  • Donated over 400,000 lbs of scrap soap annually to communities in need through World Vision
  • Converted over 200,000 gallons of wastewater annually into electricity Recycling Logo
  • Developed eco-friendly alternative use of 172 tons of base byproduct
  • Recycled 125 tons of scrap metal
  • Reused 63 tons of scrap in janitorial products
  • Reused 130 tons of lye in base-making

Bradford improved our environmental impact in the following areas:

  • Improved insulation design that saved 96,000 therms/year.  This equates to a CO2 greenhouse reduction of 1025 Mtons/year.
  • Converted from #6 fuel oil to natural gas, resulting in  an emission decrease of 75%, 92% and 92% for NOx, SO2 and PM, respectively
  • Completed Phase II of the project to replace old mill building single-pane windows with new high-efficiency windows resulting in fewer drafts and reduced energy costs
  • Replaced exterior ventilation piping responsible for 85% of air filtration 
  • Installed TPO roofing membrane for energy savings
  • Upgraded steam traps for 6.5 million pounds savings/year
  • Upgraded lighting for 450,000 kilowatt-hour savings/year
  • Upgraded pneumatic air compressors for 140,000 kilowatt-hour savings/year
  • Upgraded boilers with PLC-driven combustion, air variable frequency drives; parallel position control; and oxygen trim systems