Bradford is committed to recycling, reducing packaging waste, and sourcing more environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional packaging. Through the Committed-to-Clean™ initiative, we have made improvements in the following areas:

  • Developed products that contain little or no water to reduce the amount of packaging required.
  • Partnered with multiple zero-carbon, and reduced-carbon, footprint packaging production facilities 
  • Sourced FSC and SFI certified board
  • Sourced Post-Consumer Waste certified packaging
  • Sourced How 2 Recycle single-stream compliant packaging 
  • Introduced the use of compostable films 
  • Redesigned corrugated and paperboard packaging to reduce board content - saving our  clients money and providing an earth-friendly option.
  • Committed to recycling pallets used throughout operations
  • Committed to recycling all unusable corrugated cardboard and wood
  • Committed to recycling all drums