The Global Shea Alliance

Empowering African Communities; One Woman at a Time

Founded in 2011, the Global Shea Alliance designs, develops and delivers strategies that drive a competitive and sustainable shea industry worldwide.  Through their efforts, they work to: 

  • Empower African communities; One woman at a time
  • Transform the livelihoods of rural African women
  • Protect the shea parklands
  • Promote the global utilization of shea
Bradford has committed to buying all of our shea butter through the Global Shea Alliance. The shea communities we support hand process the shea nuts into shea butter, thereby receiving more value for the shea nuts they collect. We have also committed to creating formulations that utilize large amounts of shea butter because of its moisturizing properties and sustainable sourcing. Bradford recently traveled to Ghana with a camera crew to promote the women shea collectors and their positive impact on the community.  
Sustainable shea butter personal careSustainable Shea Butter Personal Care
Sustainable shea nut collection

Sustainable shea butter processing


Ghana Sustainable Shea Butter Village



The GSA is making contributions toward 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the United Nations.

     Sustainable shea butter GSA impact