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Adding Some Flair to Personal Care

Lianna Albrizio for Happi Magazine Three years after the pandemic, personal care rituals once kept private, but now shared on social media, continue to have a profound impact on consumer purchasing behavior.

The Environmental Impact of Palm Oil and its Carbon Footprint in Skincare

In today's world, skincare has become more than just a beauty regimen; it reflects our commitment to personal well-being and the environment. While palm oil is a common ingredient in many skincare products, its production has raised concerns due to its environmental impact.

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant: What to Expect  

Switching from conventional deodorants to natural alternatives is a conscious choice many individuals make to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Natural deodorants are gaining popularity due to their avoidance of ingredients perceived to be harmful, which are often found in mainstream products.

What Consumers Want from Beauty in 2023

Denise Herich for Global Cosmetic Industry U.S. beauty consumers have rallied in 2022 to help the industry recover from pandemic lows.Seventy-five percent of U.S. beauty-buying females say that beauty buying has become as important or more important to them now, post-pandemic, than it was prior to the pandemic’s onset.

The Return of Bar Soap: Why Everyone is in a Lather

Jamie Rosen for Town & Country My sister is famously discerning when it comes to just about everything. The hangers in her closet are perfectly spaced, every scuff-free shoe stands at attention, and her suitcase is always neatly organized with packing cubes. 

The Future of Skin Care Products – Natural Meets Synthetic

Synergio Itamar Levy for Happi Modern day skin care is a far cry from the products introduced in 18th and 19th Century Europe. What began as pungent, botanically-derived cleansers with unpleasant textures, inconsistent viscosity, and short shelf life, have transformed into a multibillion-dollar industry with products targeting a multitude of needs and catering to consumers worldwide—all courtesy of the synthetic revolution.

3 Sustainable Packaging Trends

Global Cosmetic Industry Consumers care just as much about packaging as they do what’s inside the container. In line with keeping the planet as a priority and eliminating unnecessary waste, beauty brands are finding innovative ways to produce makeup, skin care and personal care products housed in Earth-friendly designs.

Sustainable Packaging

As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their personal choices have on the environment, sustainable packaging is becoming more important.