An Expanding Opportunity with Older Consumers RSS

Posted October 2019

The senior segment of the US market is really growing. According to the US Administration on Aging, in 1990 consumers 60+ represented just 6% of the total population. In 2010, that number was up to 18%; and the projection for 2030 is 25%. This creates a significant opportunity for brands that focus on the needs of seniors.  So what are seniors looking for in personal care? 

The desire for premium, expensive products seems to wane as a person ages. Many seniors are living on a fixed income – so they become increasingly price sensitive.

This consumer group is more likely to purchase and use bar soap than any other age group. Bar Soap represents a product they are used to and it is definitely less expensive than body wash.

Skin Issues

There are some skin care issues that seniors look to address with their personal care products: drying skin, skin sensitivity, and ingredients that slow the aging process. Finally, seniors look for convenience.

Bradford’s proprietary natural soap bases address a senior’s desire for increased moisturization because they contain higher glycerin levels than traditional soap bases. There is 6%-8% glycerin in the Bradford bases vs. only 1%-2% in most other soap bases. This is due to Bradford’s unique saponification process that allows us to leave the moisturizing glycerin in the soap rather than washing it out.

Bradford’s vast library of soap dies offers numerous shapes that are convenient for aging hands to hold and use. Additional additives such as anti-oxidents, moisturizing oils and gentle exfoliants can increase the skin benefits of bar soap and meet the needs of the more mature population.  

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