Let’s Talk About Sweat, Baby: The Top All-Natural, Odor-Fighting Skincare Ingredients RSS

Posted August 2021
Written by Jamie Barrows

We are smack dab in the middle of summer, and let’s face it: some of us stink. Those hot and humid days can be a struggle! Our bodies are working overtime to keep us cool through the process of sweating. But sweat doesn’t have to mean stink. And there are plenty of all-natural skincare ingredients that consumers look for as an alternative to chemical ones. These consumers can enjoy the ease of knowing that their body odor isn’t offending anyone nearby and that they are using ingredients that they recognize.

There is a growing concern that many antiperspirants used in popular personal care products do more harm than good to the environment and your skin. In fact, many of these ingredients come from the aluminum family, which seems a little extreme. These types of additives are used to block sweat and, in the process, block up your pores. Not cool (
Michigan State University).  

It is time to drop those mainstream ideas about body odor products and look for soaps, deodorants, and other skincare items that contain one or more of the all-natural ingredients listed below.
Aloe Vera
Lemon Charcoal Witch Hazel
  • Helps to cleanse skin while lowering its pH level. Imbalanced pH on your skin can cause bacteria, and ultimately, induce an odor.
  • A great cleansing bar with witch hazel: The Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Bar Soap

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