"Anti-Aging" Skincare is Aging Out, and No One's Complaining RSS

Posted December 2022

Written by Jamie Barrows
Why are we afraid of aging? What about fine lines and wrinkles make us want to cover up and hide? We have all heard Oscar Wilde's famous quote, "with age comes wisdom," so why aren't we proud of that? Our age lines should be worn like a badge of honor, and skincare customers are beginning to realize that. Over the last few years, the term "anti-aging" has been trending downwards, with some significant skincare companies vowing to omit the phrase entirely. From publishers like Allure to retailers like The Body Shop, anti-aging terms are being replaced with ones focused on body positivity.

Things are Changing

We are finally reaching an age when beauty and skincare brands look deeper at their product portfolio and how they are advertised. These industries have notoriously latched onto traditional beauty standards, a massive part of which has revolved around anti-aging creams, serums, and cleansers targeting older women. According to a
recent survey, nearly half (44%) of women are looking forward to getting older. More than half (56%) have said they feel more confident in their body than they used to. Armed with this information, it is becoming clear that anti-aging products are out. Instead, women are reaching for skincare products with more inspiring, uplifting, and meaningful buzzwords like "rejuvenating," "brightening," and "pH-balancing".

Un-stigmatizing a Natural Process


Companies making the switch from anti-aging terminology have seen industry data explaining that women of older generations wish to see more realistic representations of women in beauty and skincare advertising (Mintel). The focus should be on skin health and aging as a natural process - because we all go through it! We are aging every day. The mindset is shifting to looking and feeling good for your age rather than trying to look younger.Taking care of the skin's microbiome is an area that has seen much growth as a direct result of this understanding. In 2021, we launched our very own microbiome bar, which aids in the aging process by balancing your skin's pH and promoting healthy bacteria.

We believe healthy skin is the key to gracefully aging – not an overabundance of blanket anti-aging claims. Thankfully, consumers are beginning to feel the same way, and more global brands are hearing them. Changing the narrative regarding aging is the first substantial step toward changing how we view the aging process.