What is African Black Soap? RSS

Posted December 2022

Written by Jamie Barrows
If you are a bar soap user, you’ll likely have noticed one variety that is always present on store shelves: African black soap. Either you love it and use it every day, or you’ve been wondering what it is and if you should try it. Curious minds will be happy to know this classic soap formulation has stuck around for several reasons. Although change can be scary sometimes (even with personal care products), African black soap might be just what your skin needs.
Why is it called African Black Soap?

African black soap has been around for ages. This specific formulation is named for the region from which it originates. Traditionally, it was made in West Africa using various native plants. Some popular ones included plantains, and shea, palm, or cocoa ingredients. Its signature dark tone comes from the ashes of these sun-dried and roasted ingredients. Today, a lot of African black soap is produced in larger batches and in more regulated environments, but many brands still use these classic ingredients due to their popularity and to preserve the cultural traditions they represent.
Who Should Use it?

Although African black soap is safe for most skin types, you should always check the label of a new soap if you are sensitive to dyes or fragrances. Overall though, African black soap is well-tolerated. Because of all the oils and butters it uses, it is incredibly cleansing and soothing. Its ingredients are also naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The included plant ashes even provide light exfoliation. African black soap is very safe for everyday use.
What are our Favorites?

Thankfully, you can find African black soap just about anywhere, making it easy for you to try a bar. Many brands make a version of the popular cleanser - some very traditional and others utilizing other natural ingredients such as aloe vera or oatmeal. Here are a few of our top picks.

Based on its popularity, we think African black soap is here to stay. If you are looking to expand your brand’s bar soap line to include this helpful and traditional product, send us a message through our contact page. Our research and development team is standing by to help with your new formulation. ●