Bar Soap Myth: Is it Just as Wasteful as Liquid? RSS

Posted December 2022

Written by Jamie Barrows

Taking a moment to wash our hands has become so routine that it is difficult to stop and consider the product we are using. Do you use bar soap or liquid hand soap? A beauty bar in the shower or a body wash?
75% of people are concerned about purchasing products that are environmentally friendly. Are you one of them? Now might be the time to commit to solid cleansing products if so.

There are loads of reasons why the humble soap bar is an intelligent choice. Most are priced right, and there are countless varieties and brands to choose from, but some consumers are confused about their sustainability. Are liquid soaps and body washes more eco-friendly? A rumor is circulating that liquid cleansers are just as ecological as classic bar soaps. Today, we break down that rumor and classify it as a myth.

MYTH: Liquid Soap is just as Eco-Friendly as Bar Soap

Liquid body washes contain six to seven times more wasteful water than bar soaps and beauty bars. It’s true!
Bradford’s bar soap is 12-14% water, whereas typical body washes are loaded with 80-90% water. As water scarcity continues to be an issue across the globe, formulation and usage of products that are predominantly water are increasingly frowned upon. In addition to preserving our greatest natural resource, solid format cleansers reduce packaging, minimize product carbon footprint, and use fewer preservatives. The facts are undeniable. Liquid soap is undoubtedly more harmful to our environment than bar soap.

Big brands are offering more and more “
waterless beauty” products in the form of concentrated bars. Consider switching to a shampoo, kitchen, or laundry stain removal bar. We have developed all three practical alternatives to liquid personal and home care products - and are formulating more options as we speak! Our expert Research and Develop team is ready to help your brand with its next sustainable product rollout. Visit our Contact Page to get in touch today.