The Rise of Solid Shampoo RSS

Posted July 2021

Written by Jamie Barrows

Consider all the reasons
bar soap is back on the rise. Now think about your shampoo and conditioner. Whether you are a lifelong bar soap user or just made the switch from bottled body wash, why not take your zero-waste journey one step further?

Solid shampoo is becoming a significant player on the personal care scene, and we don’t see that declining any time soon. According to Grand View Research, the zero-waste shampoo market is expected to grow at a rate of over 7% by 2025 (
Grand View Research). As consumers become increasingly aware of their ecological footprint and the importance of sustainability in their personal care products, the more the market will rise for products that align with their values, such as solid shampoo.

So, why make the switch? Solid shampoo bars are an excellent option for many reasons – from their affordability and eco-friendly features to their range of ingredients and purposes. You should know that you don’t have to sacrifice efficacy and a great experience by making the switch. New shampoo bar formulations are gentle, effective cleansers that outperform many liquid options.

Less Packaging

Solid shampoo bars use far less packaging than traditional liquid formats. Just like a trusty bar of soap, shampoo bar packaging needs no plastic bottle. Many shampoo bar packaging options are even recyclable or use post-consumer materials.


Less packaging, water, and weight of the product also result in a more reasonable price than a traditional shampoo bottle.
Love Beauty & Planet sells their award-winning 2 in 1 Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Bar for $4.99 at Target stores. Similar liquid shampoo/conditioner combos will typically cost quite a few dollars more.

Less Water Waste

Like a body wash, bottled shampoos and conditioners utilize a large volume of water in their formulas. You already use water to wash your hair. Why would you need more? A solid shampoo bar is perfect because it results in more concentrated ingredient lists.


Since solid format shampoos and conditioners are so in demand, there are now a comprehensive variety of options on the market; all formulated to fit a diverse set of hair needs. At Bradford, we love to work with clients who put their customers’ needs at the forefront of their products. That’s why we offer both finished formulas, meant to target common conditions such as follicle damage, as well as shampoo bases that are ready for customization. Browse our diverse set of
sustainable shampoo bar options, and contact us today to get started.
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