The Benefits of Orange Blossom for Skincare RSS

Posted May 2022
Written by Jamie Barrows

Today is National Orange Blossom Day! You might be thinking, “why do we need a holiday to celebrate orange blossoms?” We are here to tell you that while some national days are actually silly and meaningless, orange blossoms genuinely deserve to be celebrated. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but these small flowers hold water and oil, which both have skin and self-care superpowers.


Orange Blossom slows down the growth of infection and irritation-causing microorganisms with its antiseptic properties. Because of these antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, orange blossom also works to prevent skin inflammation. It can both reduce skin sensitivity and ease acne-prone, oily skin.


One of the most apparent benefits of orange blossom skincare ingredients is their aromatherapeutic benefits. Neroli oil is often used as an essential oil in skincare products or even on its own. It is the formal name of the oil extracted from orange blossom flowers. Users claim that the oil’s citrus, floral aroma can ease anxiety.


Orange blossom is packed with vitamin B, vitamin B, and other nutrients which lock in your skin’s moisture. Vitamin c in orange blossoms also helps restore collagen, a protein well-known to influence skin aging. Over time, these vitamins and nutrients can improve skin tone and reduce fine lines when used in skincare products.


In addition to all the benefits listed above, orange blossom also works as a gentle cleanser and skin toner. Because it works well to clear and shrink pores, orange blossom skincare products are excellent for those who struggle with acne or have oily skin. Keeping your skin toned and cleansed in this way can support a healthy pH level.

Orange blossom contains an impressive collection of skincare benefits. One of our favorite personal care items taking advantage of this powerful and natural ingredient is the
Tom’s of Maine Orange Blossom Beauty Bar. This bar combines the many perks of orange blossom with other excellent ingredients such as argan and coconut oils.

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