3 Common Autumn Skin Complaints and How to Fix Them RSS

Posted October 2021
Written by Jamie Barrows

Who doesn’t love Autumn? Isn’t it all so enjoyable? The colorful changing leaves, the perfect weather, and the dry skin. Dry skin? Yes, we said it! Autumn is all fun and games until your body catches up with the changing seasons, only to realize that hydrating summer air is all over. Our days of humidity and swimming were our skin’s best fuel, but as the cooler air moves in, so do those pesky autumn skin ailments. While many people have clinical skin issues such as psoriasis or eczema, anyone can have skin complaints that feel just as debilitating and even downright embarrassing. Here are a few of the most common Autumn skin problems and what you can do about them.


Dry, irritated, or cracked skin is typically the number one complaint when the temperature drops. The first thing you should consider is your microbiome. If your skin isn’t healthy at its core, breakage, and dryness if bound to be a problem. Support the good bacteria on your skin with a microbiome-specific bar soap like
Tom’s of Maine Prebiotic Bar Soap. This one comes in the perfect autumn scent to compliment the season, and it’s formulated specifically for both dry skin and microbiome protection.

Dull and Uneven Skin

Okay, so maybe Summer is not so amazing for your skin all the time. Three whole months of sunlight on your face may feel great, but your skin may need a little bit of recovery when Autumn rolls in.  Many people struggle with uneven, dull skin and dark spots following the summer season. Sun damage can speed up the aging process of your skin, and no one wants that! Try a bar soap with vitamin C like
Shea Moisture’s Papaya & Vitamin C Revive & Brighten Bar. This hardworking ingredient is proven to have reversed sun damage and “block damage before it even happens” (Watts).


We all struggle to talk about dandruff. But the fact is, our scalp is part of our skin. Why should we be any more embarrassed to talk about the dry skin on our heads as opposed to our bodies? We shouldn’t be. Dandruff season is upon us, and what’s worse? Halloween is right around the corner. Imagine all the black we will be wearing!  Fight back against everyday dandruff with a scalp care shampoo containing known symptom-easing ingredients like salicylic acid or pyrithione zinc.

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