How to Care for Your Sensitive Skin RSS

Posted September 2022

Written by Jamie Barrows

The problem with the label “sensitive skin” is that it can mean many things - from dry spots or burning sensations to allergic reaction rashes and acne breakouts. Everyone’s skin can be sensitive in a way that is unique to them. An estimated 50-70% of people report having some sensitive skin, which sounds pretty accurate for such an all-encompassing phrase (Farage). That being said, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. Here are a few tips that should help with any common symptom of skin sensitivity.

Choose a Fragrance-Free Bar Soap

Having sensitive skin can be challenging when buying personal and skincare products. Rest assured, though. Because it is such a common issue, there are plenty of options for those who suffer from the annoyance of sensitive skin. Overly abundant fragrances are one of the biggest triggers of burning, itchy, irritated skin, so looking for fragrance-free products is the best way to start feeling better. Try a  gentle, fragrance-free cleanser like
Aveeno’s Moisturizing Cleanser Bar or Vanicream’s Cleansing Bar.

Side note: To be clear, many companies use fragrances to create a pleasant aroma for everyday products for a cheap price. Other skincare and home care brands build trustworthy reputations by using ingredients that actually serve a purpose and provide a pleasant scent – like rosewater for vitamin C or lavender for its antioxidant powers.

Stay Hydrated and Keep Your Skin Moisturized

hydrated is multi-beneficial. You can promote good digestion, improve mental and physical performance, and even aid in weight loss. Everyday skin sensitivity is often the result of an imbalanced microbiome, and one of the most common issues related to that is a lack of skin hydration. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day can help you hydrate from within, allowing your skin the chance to repair itself. Having dry, flaky skin means your skin is more susceptible to outside irritants.

Although the best way to improve your skin’s moisture level is to drink enough water daily, you can boost your results with hydration-friendly skincare products. Fragrance-free topical moisturizers and lotions are a great option, but there is also a secret perk to using fragrance-free cleansers like the ones listed above. The brands making these cleansing bars know that sensitive skin sufferers also seek moisturization. That’s why most fragrance-free bars won’t include any ingredients that might cause dryness.

Sensitive skin is so common that we have developed many formulations for our clients. If you are a skincare brand looking to add to your line of sensitive skin products, get in touch with us. We would love to send you a sample of one of our newer innovations, our microbiome bar. This cleansing bar is pH balanced, has prebiotics and probiotics, and is formulated with skin-hydrating ingredients. 


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