Bradford Soap Works hosts successful COVID-19 vaccination clinic at main headquarters RSS

Posted July 2021

Written by Jamie Barrows

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (July 15, 2021) – Following a growing need for easy access to safe COVID-19 vaccination sites in the West Warwick manufacturing community, Bradford Soap Works hosted an on-site clinic this past June. An invitation to register for the free vaccination clinic was offered to Bradford employees and their family members. Registration was then extended to surrounding manufacturing facilities’ employees and their families. Stuart R. Benton, President & CEO of Bradford Soap Works, said of the effort, “We wanted to organize an on-site clinic so that we could provide an easy and convenient way for our team members to get vaccinated. This way, they wouldn’t have to worry about where and when they might be able to do it.”

The state has been shifting from mass vaccination sites to more local efforts as a way to access more people. One of the benefits of hosting the clinic through a workplace is the ability for employees to ask for help if they have trouble registering. Sometimes the official websites can be intimidating, especially if English is not your first language. Bradford’s HR department worked with several employees to make sure that the registration forms were correct, and it took a lot of the anxiety out of the process. It also fit well into the employees’ day – they didn’t need to take time off or figure out the logistics of how to get to the vaccination site.

In addition to offering the vaccine to their employees, Bradford also realized that they could do even more to help the surrounding community. They did this by opening up registration to some of West Warwick’s local manufacturing facilities whose operations are too small to qualify for an on-site vaccination clinic. Those who attended the June clinics received their first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Additionally, Stuart encourages everyone to get vaccinated, “It is only through science that Rhode Island and the United States will contain this virus. It is incredible how the vaccinations have allowed many of us to get back to traveling and visiting loved ones.”

About Bradford Soap Works:
For more than 140 years, Bradford Soap Works has helped companies build great brands by creating innovative personal care products that contain little or no water. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty bar soap, cleansing poufs, and anhydrous products, including moisturizers, cleansers, shave sticks, and much more. Bradford creates original formulations through their vertical integration and kettle soap process, which allows them to customize their products to each brand and customer. Bradford’s broad customer base and extensive market research give them the ability to identify and predict trends in real-time. They use this knowledge to innovate and deliver products and formulations that are on-brand and on-trend. Headquartered in Rhode Island, Bradford also has facilities in Indiana and California. For more information, visit