Fragrance has always been a strong purchase driver, but consumers seek relaxation and mindfulness through scents in an increasingly stressful world.

Our Fragrance Stick is a portable, moisturizing solid fragrance that soothes your skin while imparting a fantastic scent throughout the day. It uses less packaging than traditional fragrance formats. Comprised of a mango butter base, it is 100% vegan and great for targeted application on your neck and wrists without getting fragrance on your clothes. It is also water-free, portable, and great for travel.


  • Targeted application
  • Moisturizing
  • Mess Free
  • Portable, TSA compliant


  • Tube
  • Tin

Our Product &
Formulation Philosophy

For over 140 years, Bradford has excelled in the formulation and production of solid cleansing products focusing on bar soap. In 2017, we expanded our product offering to include a full range of personal care products that contain little or no water, use less packaging, have a lower carbon footprint, and require little or no preservatives. Our formulations are created with sustainability as a core attribute. Whenever possible, we use sustainably-sourced ingredients with an EWG-rating less than 3. Bradford strives to achieve zero waste by donating residual soap from the production process to charities in the United States and globally.