Shower Poufs

Bradford is the world's largest producer of pouf sponges for use with body washes, bar soaps, and shower gels. Our success is due to patented technologies, market trend information, and our North American manufacturing location. Our poufs are only sold direct-to-retail and are not available for custom orders. They are produced in a North American, geo-thermal-powered factory.


  • Manufacturing at our partnership Mexico facility, we can make, ship, and receive large orders in our CA warehouse within two weeks.
  • Our vertical integration translates to full quality control.
  • Bradford's proprietary netting formulation means we control the texture of the pouf. Our poufs are gently exfoliating and never scratchy.
  • Instead of a cotton rope that holds the pouf together, Bradford has a patented plastic clip that will never get moldy.


Bradford offers custom PDQs, displays, or Sidekicks depending on the retailer's needs. Each pouf comes with a hangtag that includes usage and recycling instructions.

Our classic poufs are available in 25, 50, or 60 grams and a broad range of colors. Each pouf includes our patented clip that prevents the pouf from unraveling and won't harbor mold.
These two-in-one poufs combine our custom-made netting with moisturizing soap made in our US factory. The result is a luxurious lather combined with gentle exfoliation. The soap beads last 12-15 washes on average and are available in Charcoal, Shea Butter, and Tea Tree formulations.
Bradford offers licensed poufs from Disney and Nickelodeon. The fun characters will make kids want to wash!

Our Product &
Formulation Philosophy

For over 140 years, Bradford has excelled in the formulation and production of solid cleansing products focusing on bar soap. In 2017, we expanded our product offering to include a full range of personal care products that contain little or no water, use less packaging, have a lower carbon footprint, and require little or no preservatives. Our formulations are created with sustainability as a core attribute. Whenever possible, we use sustainably-sourced ingredients with an EWG-rating less than 3. Bradford strives to achieve zero waste by donating residual soap from the production process to charities in the United States and globally.