Veritcal Integration Soap

Making bar soap is a five-stage process

  • In the first stage, fats and oils are saponified with caustic soda to create molten soap.
  • Next the molten soap is converted to soap base via a proprietary spray-drying process
  • Bar soap manufacturing starts when the soap base is blended with fragrance, color and other additives
  • This mixture is refined, extruded and stamped into bars
  • Finally, the bars are packaged, either in-line or off-line.   

Bradford is one of the few companies to manufacture both soap base and finished soap bars.  We offer the largest collection of soap bases in the world, most of which are proprietary to Bradford. 

Bradford DifferentiationSoap Noodles to Bars


"It's all in the Base."  

Once the soap base has been made, a maximum 5% of liquid additives can be incorporated into the formulation without significantly impacting process capability. That includes fragrance, color, essential oils, shea butter, olive oil etc.   

Since Bradford's process starts with raw ingredients at the molten soap stage, our ability to incorporate large amounds of liquid additives into our formulations is virtually limitless. That means we can formulate a soap base with essential oils or butters as the primary ingredients.