Working with Bradford's partnership Maquiladora offers multiple benefits. Located just across the Mexican border from Calexico, CA, the facility operates in essentially a Duty-Free Zone. The benefits include:maquiladora cost benefits

  • US materials can be shipped into Mexico, converted into sub-assemblies or finished goods, as the case may be, and shipped back into the US without incurring any taxes or duties.
  • We offer the advantage of low cost Mexican labor while maintaining the strictest quality standards in all aspects of our operation. 
  • The location of our facility means low transportation costs.
  • Bradford handles all logistics using our own fleet of trucks; our customers are invoiced FOB Calexico, CA.
  • Our ERP systems, combined with greatly reduced transit times as compared to Asia,  enable us to offer just-in-time services.
  • Product proto-types can be manufactured accurately and shipped quickly to US customers