Committed to Clean ® Initiative

We maintain a comprehensive approach to responsible manufacturing in the areas of product, packaging, supply chain, energy, waste, and emissions. 

Through the Committed to Clean® initiative, Bradford has significantly reduced material waste. Bradford improved our environmental impact in the following areas:

  • Over 2% decrease in energy usage overall since 2019
  • Completed phase II of the project to replace old mill building single-pane windows with new high-efficiency windows resulting in fewer drafts and reduced energy costs
  • Replaced exterior ventilation piping responsible for 85% of air filtration
  • Installed TPO roofing membrane for energy savings

  • Upgraded steam traps for 6.5 million pounds savings/year

  • Upgraded lighting for 450,000 kilowatt-hour savings/year

  • Upgraded pneumatic air compressors for 140,000 kilowatt-hour savings/year

  • Upgraded boilers with PLC-driven combustion, air variable frequency drives; parallel position control; and oxygen trim systems

  • 25% decrease in manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions since 2019

  • 72% increase in total recycled waste since 2016

  • Recycled 137 tons of recyclable waste in 2021