Zero Waste

Over the years, Bradford moved toward zero waste manufacturing by donating all soap scraps to worldwide health and hygiene initiatives through World Vision and Eco-Soap Bank. On average, Bradford donates over 200 tons of soap scraps yearly (roughly equivalent to 2 million bars). 

The donations have directly helped some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, including Somalia, Zambia, Burundi, and Cambodia, where the women reform the soap into bars. The soap provides access to hygiene products, additional income, women’s empowerment, decreases lines at health clinics, and helps prevent COVID-19 transmission.

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Bradford donates 200 tons of soap to global communities to help fight COVID-19.

Bradford soap in a Cambodian warehouse waiting for distrubition to communities in need.

The soap noodles are scrap from the end of Bradford's production runs. The soap is shipped to communities in need in pellet form. The women sort and melt the pellets before placing them in large pans to cool and cut. 

Women cutting blocks of Bradford soap into bars. The soap is then used for health and hygienepurposes in their villages and sold to nearby villages for additional income.