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Handwashing 101

With all of the focus on handwashing, even five-year-olds are experts. See this adorable tutorial on the correct way to wash your hands

Experiencing Eczema Due to Hand Sanitizer? Here’s What to Do

Vogue by Akili King If you’re like me and have eczema, you’re likely having a difficult time finding the right soap and hand sanitizer for sensitive skin, as constant handwashing and usage of alcohol-based products can be particularly drying. 

Why You Should Ditch Plastic Bottles, And Switch To Bar Soaps And Solid Skincare

Forbes by Katie Chung With so much extra time (and not to mention, less scheduled activities) on my hands, I’ve developed some good habits in the past few months. But one I never imagined? Making the switch over from plastic bottles to solid-based skincare and haircare. 

Shea Butter Moisturizer

Made with sustainably-sourced shea butter sourced through the Global Shea Alliance, this portable moisturizer hydrates your skin without a greasy after-feel.

EcoEx™ Olive Oil Base

A soap base that prominently features one of the oldest, most efficacious beauty ingredients of all time.                 

Sulfate-Free Formulation

Bradford has developed a sulfate-free soap base with luxurious lather and extra-moisturization.                 

2-in-1 Cleansing Scrub

Bradford has developed a 2-in-1 cleansing tool.                 

4-in-1 Bar Whole Body Bar

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Shave - all in a bar that has great moisturization and lather. Perfect for the growing men’s market.                 

Pantone’s 2020 Color Of The Year

This year Pantone selected Classic Blue. Classic Blue instills a feeling of calm when applied to just about any product or space. Nothing is needed more in the world right now than a feeling of safety and peace. Bradford can create bar soaps and shower poufs in the 2020 Pantone colors of the year – or in almost any other Pantone color. For more information, please contact

The Science of Soap

By Pall Thordarson, The Guardian
Soap is a highly efficient way of killing a virus when it’s on your skin. Discover the science behind why it works so well at killing COVID-19.

Why Soap Works

By Ferris Jabr, The New York Times
Everyone is telling you to wash your hands with soap to keep COVID-19 at bay. Are you wondering why something as simple as the soap has such a superpower against the coronavirus? Here are some answers...

An Expanding Opportunity with Older Consumers

The senior segment of the US market is really growing. So what do seniors need when it comes to skin care?

A New Exotic Oil from Africa

In our on-going quest to find intriguing ingredients that provide ultimate moisturization, we discovered Mongongo Oil.                 

Bradford's Heritage

Learn about Bradford's history of innovation over 140+ years

Sustainable Shea Butter Sourcing

Bradford travels to Ghana to visit the communities that process our shea butter using a traditional hand-crafted method. Our commitment to sourcing from the Global Shea Alliance and these villages not only provides additional income for the families, but it also helps to empower the women who are central to the process.

Pollution Defense Bar

In light of recent FDA scrutiny, is Pollution Defense the answer to anti-aging claims?                 

Bradford's Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing

At Bradford, sourcing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ palm oil was not enough; we wanted to make sure we knew exactly where the palm oil was coming from and how the local communities were benefiting - so we flew to Guatemala to find out.

This Simple Shower Tweak Could Change The World

MBG Editorial by Emma Loewe - Bar soap might just be one of the most underrated beauty products out there. While nonbelievers label it "ineffective," "messy," or "too slippery," it's about to make a serious comeback—and for good reason.

Bradford's Core Values

Bradford employees explain in their own words why Bradford's values are important to them.

Sustainable Packaging

As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their personal choices have on the environment, sustainable packaging is becoming more important.                 

WaterClear™ Translucent Soap Base

Bradford’s crystal clear hot-pour soap formulation receives accolades from around the world. Find out why.