4 Ways to Relax and Unwind RSS

Posted April 2022
Written by Jamie Barrows

No one is immune to stress. It is a process that comes in waves. We all live through personal events which cause high-stress levels, while other times, we coast through happily and stress-free. Whether you are on a good or bad stretch, keeping your stress levels in check is crucial to overall wellbeing. Stress Awareness Month takes place each April to help bring awareness to just that: steering clear of overwhelming stress levels. Here are just a few of the most successful ways to practice mindfulness and promote internal emotional peace.

Give Yourself a Mini-Facial

You don’t have to go far or pay much to detox your skin and relax. Have a mini facial at home! Feeling good about your skin can go hand-in-hand with feeling emotionally well. While there are many different and helpful skincare products on the market, like serums and exfoliators, a gentle bar cleanser is one of the easiest and best ways to calm and clean unruly skin. Clinique, a leader in the skincare realm, knows this. This is why this brand offers three skin type-specific versions of their classic
facial soap. Whether your skin is prone to dryness or has oily tendencies, you can still enjoy a soothing home facial.

Take a Warm Bath

One of the most well-known and well-practiced stress relief methods is to take a warm bath. It is incredible to consider that such a simple concept can be so rewarding. Pair your soothing bath with an aromatherapeutic cleanser like
Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Eucalyptus Bar Soap. A bar soap like this can perfectly complement a relaxing warm bath. Be mindful of your stress levels. Take time for yourself.

Zone Out

The art of zoning out may be easier said than done. When your daily activities, work, and worries seem overwhelming, it can help to clear your mind. Drop your concerns at the metaphorical door in your head and just check out for a little while. Research has shown that practicing meditation can improve both emotional and physical wellbeing (Mayo Clinic). Meditation is also unique to each individual. Some find that mantra meditation works best for them, repeating a word or phrase repeatedly to calm the mind. Others may choose the path of guided meditation, which often consists of imagining a place or thing that makes you happy.

Stretch it Out

Flexibility exercises like yoga, pilates, and barre have increased in popularity consistently due to their multiple health benefits. While past popular exercises like weight lifting revolves around focus and muscle-building, stretch exercises promote mental and physical health. “When we feel mentally stressed, we often feel physically stressed as well. Releasing any physical tension can help relieve stress in you body and mind” (Healthline). Enjoy Stress Awareness Month by signing up for a local yoga class or doing some simple stretches while watching a tutorial on
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