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Posted April 2023

Written by Jamie Barrows

Bar soap trends come and go. Some ingredients gain traction in the skincare industry and eventually die down. One exception to this typical process is goat’s milk. Goat’s milk has long been known to improve skin. One of the first stories regarding goat’s milk for skincare dates to the 30s and 40s BC. It is said that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, bathed in it to keep her skin soft and glowing. Today, we see goat’s milk in various skincare products – especially bar soap. As time passed, it became clear that this all-natural ingredient has proven beneficial effects.

A Popular Choice at Farmers Markets And For Bigger Brands

Goat’s milk soap is a staple at your local farmers market because it is easy to make, has an artisanal feel, and customers appreciate its skin benefits and all-natural quality. Goat’s milk is so multi-dimensional that more prominent brands like
Canus and Madina have added Goat’s Milk Soap to their regular lineups. Goat’s milk soap isn’t just for small farmers anymore.

What Is in Goat’s Milk That Makes It So Effective?

One of the major characteristics of goat’s milk is its abundance of lactic acid. Lactic acid is incredible for skincare products because it can restore ceramides, essentially the glue that holds your skin cells together. When that “glue” is damaged (aka you don’t have enough ceramides -  a process that happens as you age), you are more prone to dryness, acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. You can also become susceptible to UV skin damage. Cleopatra may have been on to something!

Wait. There’s More??

Additionally, goat’s milk contains natural probiotics, fatty acids, vitamins A, B, and E, and helpful minerals like selenium. The best part about all its nutrients, though? Goat’s milk is incredibly gentle and is easily absorbed, so all those skin-enhancing benefits can enter your body’s protective layer faster and more efficiently.

Ask Us How We Can Help Your Brand

Not every bar soap additive can claim all these skin-enhancing characteristics. Goat’s milk is generally considered a powerhouse in the skincare realm because it is rare to find an ingredient that truly does it all. A softer, healthier microbiome is closer than you think. If you are considering a goat’s milk soap for your line of skin or personal care products, please
contact us today. Our Research & Development team would love to help you develop a solid cleanser unique to your brand.