Multi-Function Skincare is on the Rise, and Here’s Why RSS

Posted March 2023

Written by Jamie Barrows

Today, consumers realize that less is more. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that sometimes, we over-overindulge. We don’t need as much “stuff” as we used to. Notably, personal care is an area where paring down has become the new normal. More and more shelf items are becoming multi-use, crossing categories between personal care, beauty, skincare, mental well-being, and self-care.

Our marketing, research, and development teams developed many products this year that focus on a simplified way of life, combining our bar cleansers with other beneficial functions. Based on consumer data over the last few years, this trend is only set to rise, and each reason complements the next. Below is a list of the main factors driving this trend.

Less Waste

People are reevaluating their habits - right down to the soap they use in the shower as concerns over waste grow. Water conservation is top-of-mind. In fact, 36% of soap, bath, and shower product users say they are trying to take shorter showers to help conserve water (Mintel). Offering products that save water and cut down on plastic and unnecessary packaging is the key to capturing consumers who are now, more than ever, focused on the health of our planet for future generations. Cleansers, shampoos, and other skincare items in
bar format are ideal because they address multiple areas of sustainability.

New Ways to Cut Costs

Who doesn’t want to save money? Sustainable products are often more expensive, so opting for ones that perform multiple jobs is a great way to counter that. Inflation is a significant concern for personal and skincare buyers, so consumers are reducing their skincare routines. That means combining cleansing with exfoliation or makeup removal with a facial mask. Things are even getting condensed in the kitchen. Grove Collaborative recently introduced its popular
hand and dish bar at a mere $4.99 per bar. Other multi-function products in bar format save money simply because they require less water, packaging, and filler ingredients.

Simpler Ingredient Lists

Many skin and personal care customers take a more holistic approach to skincare and mental well-being by seeking natural ingredients and aromatherapy options. That is why we are seeing more ingredient lists that call out their recognizable additives and ones that offer a sensory experience. Men and women make up this group. For example, the male-targeting brand,
Every Man Jack, has a hair and body bar collection which elevates the senses with sandalwood and sea salt. But, they stay true to recognizable cleanser ingredients such as shea butter and aloe. Love, Beauty, and Planet offers a shampoo and conditioner bar with mimosa flowers and coconut water for recognizability and femininity.

The Takeaway

Multi-function items like the ones mentioned above are just the starting point. Bradford has been focusing on this realm because of its expected growth and the many product options it presents. If you are looking to formulate a new multi-function solid format cleanser, let us help you. Do you want a dish detergent/hand cleanser or a facial mask/makeup remover? Something else entirely? Let us know by visiting our
contact page


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