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Posted August 2023
Written by Jamie Barrows

We live in a fast-paced world. If we know one thing for sure, it's that today's personal care consumer wants a fast, simple skincare routine that is both eco-friendly and efficient. As we've explained in an article from earlier in the year,
skinimalism is in. The five-step beauty routine is out. In addition to ease of use, 48% of skincare users say choosing a personal care item that supports the environment is essential ("Top 6 Key Factors Driving Growth in the Personal Care Industry"). Enter the humble stick format. These unassuming heroes provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional options, revolutionizing how we approach skincare and hygiene.
Convenient and Mess-Free

We aren't saying that today's skincare user is lazy, but they've definitely had enough of messy pumps, annoying squeeze tubes, and gunky buildup. If there is an option to eliminate all these issues, why not take it? Switching to stick format moisturizer, serum, or deodorant means you won't have to worry about a busted cap, too much bulk, or an accidental leak in your purse. Just toss it in and go!
Combats Water Usage and Plastic Waste

Stick format beauty and skincare products have the bonus of their minimal packaging. While traditional products such as lotions, spray or gel deodorants, fragrances, and cleansers are typically housed in large plastic bottles and tubes, sticks offer a more eco-friendly option. Packaging typically consists of smaller plastics, which can be recycled, and even paper options.

Additionally, stick-format personal care items often fall into the "
waterless beauty" category, a trend that has seen monumental growth over the last few years. The sticks we develop are formulated with less than 20% water and often much less, depending on the product type. Less water means less product volume and less packaging. Opt for beauty and personal care sticks, and you'll contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.
Provides Targeted Application

Piling on serums, fragrances, and messy creams is a recipe for disaster. So many products advertise for one specific skin type (oily or dry), while the vast majority of us actually have combination skin. Using one product all over your skin may only complicate skin issues. Sticks provide a precise application to target those trouble spots and avoid overdoing it. For example, a serum stick can provide targeted treatment for dry spots, while a fragrance stick eliminates the risk of over-perfuming. Another sustainable benefit to the process is the assurance that you are using just the right amount of the product without any unnecessary waste. Checkmate for sustainability!

Versatility in Your Routine

You may have noticed more and more stick products online and in stores because the format itself is so versatile. Bradford has been diving headfirst into this formulation and packaging method to create innovative products such as serums, cleansers, beard balms, shaving creams, fragrances, and even aromatherapy sticks. The possibilities are seemingly endless! There's a stick product for nearly every aspect of your personal care routine. Embracing sticks allows you to simplify and streamline your routine and declutter your space while enjoying the benefits of effective, high-quality products.

In a world where time is precious and sustainability is paramount, stick-format personal care products offer a compelling solution. We are ready to help formulate your brand's next eco-friendly, easy-to-use stick!
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