A Rundown of All Our Stick-Format Product Options RSS

Posted January 2024
Written by Jamie Barrows

Introducing a revolution in personal care – our collection of stick-format essentials that align perfectly with the latest skincare trends and the FDA's over-the-counter (OTC) compliance guidelines. Our unique manufacturing expertise ensures top-tier quality, from cutting-edge deodorants to efficient cleansers. Dive into the world of 'Skin Flooding' or achieve the coveted 'Glass Skin' effect effortlessly with our Serum Stick, a game-changer that brings nourishment and a natural glow to your skin - and in a convenient format.

We're proud to offer products that embrace the demand for natural, plant-based goods. Our deodorants, beard balms, moisturizers, and shave sticks are crafted with clean ingredients, meeting the standards of those who prioritize purity in their skincare routine. And because caring for your skin also means caring for the planet, our products are part of the 'Sustainable Skincare' initiative, promoting eco-friendly choices without compromising quality.

Here is your go-to guide on all things stick! Learn more about each unique item and which current trend category they touch on. The formulations listed here are ready to be sampled as soon as your brand is ready, although we can further help your brand refine these trends by customizing the format, formulation, or additives.

We are constantly working toward innovative new formulations! Be sure to check back in periodically as we add more and more stick (and bar) personal care items to our lineup. If you want to learn about leveraging the latest trends with a new stick-format personal care product, we would love to help. Contact us today to get started. ‚óŹ