How to Target the Male Skincare Market RSS

Posted May 2023

Written by Jamie Barrows

Happy Men's Health Month!

As long as there has been advertising, the skincare market has primarily targeted women. What's up with that? Do men not use any skincare products? We very much doubt that. The male skincare market is growing more each day and is expected to continue on that rising path. Constant internet access (mainly social media) has changed the game for advertisers targeting males. While men may not have sought out skincare items before, digital ads and celebrity endorsements and brands have boosted awareness. Let's explore some actionable strategies and considerations that your skincare brand can use to take advantage of this rise in interest.   

Understand Your Male Skincare Audience and Cater to Their Needs

To effectively cater to the male skincare audience, it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs and concerns. Men often prioritize simplicity, efficiency, and practicality in their skincare routines. Market research and surveys can provide valuable insights into their preferences, such as preferred product types, desired benefits, and even the kind of packaging they prefer. For example, The Good Face Project explains that men typically have oilier skin than women and larger pores (“The Ultimate Skincare Routine for Men Who Care”). So they will likely be seeking anti-acne and pore-tightening products. Another report from Mintel tells us that men have recently gravitated toward the benefits of cold therapy and will likely respond well to "cooling" skincare products (Mintel).

Many of these male audience members are only recently breaking out of their limited skincare routines, so sticking to what they know is your best bet at success. They tend to prefer products that are easy to use, offer multiple benefits, and have masculine branding and packaging. Keeping this in mind, your brand may want to consider offering a multi-use cleanser like our
shower and shave bar, which combines a body cleansing bar with a soothing lather perfect for shaving.  

Educate, Empower, and Encourage Men to Try Something New

As we age, our skin goes through phases, and on top of that, environmental factors can disrupt its natural balance. Men are no different than women in this area and are finally showing some interest in caring more for their skin's integrity. The biggest issue for brands targeting this audience will be encouraging them to try something new. Because many men will be relatively new to skincare, they might require some education and guidance to understand the importance of a proper skincare routine. Creating content that addresses the common skin concerns of men, as well as the solutions and long-term benefits of a new product, will ensure success for both sides of the equation. Additionally, your brand should emphasize the positive impact skincare can have on men's overall health and self-confidence.

The Opportunity is Here. Grab Hold of it!

The key to targeting any audience is genuinely understanding their needs, providing valuable solutions, and building solid relationships based on trust and authenticity. The male skincare market is no different, and it presents a lucrative opportunity for skincare brands willing to tap into this growing segment. Following our guidelines, we trust that you can position your brand as a trusted partner in the male skincare journey and pave the way for long-term success.

If you are looking for your next male-focused skin or personal care product, explore what Bradford has to offer by visiting our
product page. Ready to get started? Contact us today! 


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